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Published Date: 05/11/2015

The Land Rover Defender has been the go-to of off-roading vehicles for the last 67 years.

Land Rover Defender Heritage

Production will come to a halt in December 2015 and the company decided to give the legendary Defender a send-off by producing three celebratory versions: The Heritage, The Adventure and The Autobiography.

The Defender Heritage bears the most resemblance to the original, with vintage and well-known looks, but up to date with modern engineering and design. It also incorporates the unique Grasmere Green paint inspired by the early Defenders - even on the steel wheels - and a contrasting Alaska white roof.  Completing the nostalgic look are silver-painted door hinges and bumpers.

The reminiscing continues into the cockpit, with features including the iconic 4x4 instruction panel, and the red and yellow trim on the gear sticks that control the six-speed manual gearbox and the dual-range transmission.

Land Rover has also included Almond cloth seats, tagged with a registration-plate style label bearing a "HUE 166" badge. This also appears on the left front wing, referencing the plate of the pre-production original Defender, affectionately named "Huey".

It may not have all of the modern technology systems like the Terrain Response in the newer Land Rovers, but years of development means that the Defender Heritage can really hold its own off-road and take it to the more modern 4x4s.

Under the bonnet is a 120hp, 2.2-litre diesel engine, which can reach 60mph in around 16 seconds, topping out at 90mph. Fuel economy is around 28mpg combined.

Only 400 Defender models will be sold in the UK, and you can choose between the short-wheelbase 90 bodystyle or the long-wheelbase 110.

The price tag is around £27,800 meaning the Heritage represents great value as well as a practically a guarantee of classic status in the future. 

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