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Published Date: 16/12/2015

Evoque Convertible breezes through ultimate off-road testing

Whatever the version, a Land Rover product should be capable when taken off the road.

Even the new convertible version of the popular Range Rover Evoque has to be put through its paces in Land Rover’s testing and development programme, at Eastnor Castle Estate in Hertfordshire, UK.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The first test demonstrated the vehicle’s Hill Descent Control drive technology, to allow controlled driving down extreme slopes. This system uses the ABS to mimic the engine-braking effect of a low gear ratio, and with a maximum exit angle of 33 degrees the Evoque breezed through the descent.

Over the moguls, the Evoque Convertible is similarly unchallenged, demonstrating the huge potential wheel articulation.

The all-important terrain response and four-wheel drive were examined on the challenging dusty mud tracks. The Convertible covered this swiftly and comfortably, seemingly unaffected by the grooves in the track.

Next up to be tested were the wade sensors, a system designed to alert the driver to deep water to let them know if the Evoque may be overwhelmed - even Land Rovers have their limits! With 500mm of wading ability though, the Evoque Convertible breezed through the wading pool even with the muddy water lapping at the grille.
The final challenge is the ascent of a steep and rutted muddy track. New All-Terrain Progress Control - in essence an off-road cruise control - drew the Evoque Convertible through without a foot put wrong.

While removing the roof may make you think that the vehicle has softened, this isn't the case with the Evoque Convertible. Retaining the same spirit of adventure that drove its predecessors, it's still a true Land Rover at heart.

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