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The boffins at Jaguar Land Rover have revealed a ‘Virtual Windscreen’ concept that will aid road and track driving. 

According to the British carmaker, it is focusing on creating “cutting-edge technologies to develop new ways to give drivers higher quality, life-like graphics and information that will offer an enhanced ‘virtual’ view of the road or race track”. 

The new concept from JLR utilises an entire windscreen as a display, meaning that the driver’s eyes never have to leave the road. 

For road drivers, JLR says that “high quality hazard, speed and navigation icons” could all be projected onto the screen at the time. 

Furthermore, track drivers could use aids such as racing line and braking guidance, ghost car racing, and virtual cones. 

The manufacturer is also developing a gesture control system that will allow a driver to keep their eyes on the road. 

This will also help to reduce distraction by limited the need for the motorist to look at or feel for buttons and switches to press. 

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology for Jaguar Land Rover, commented: “Gesture control has already become an accepted form of controlling anything from TV sets to games consoles. 

“The next logical step is to control selected in-car features. We have identified which functions still need to be controlled by physical buttons and which could be controlled by gesture and carefully calibrated motion sensors.” 

He added: “The system is currently being tested on a number of features including sunblinds, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps. It has the potential to be on sale within the next few years.” 

With Jaguar Land Rover also announcing its ‘intelligent car’ at the same time as the ‘Virtual Windscreen’ concept, it is certainly an exciting time for the British carmaker.

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