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Published Date: 03/06/2015

The Land Rover has been known throughout history to be able to drive on almost any terrain that Mother Nature has thrown at them.

It has been used as a war vehicle, a safari bus and has been a key piece of machinery on most farms for many years. Over the years it has taken people to some amazing places that would have been impossible to reach with any other vehicle.

Let’s take a look at one adventure that would have been impossible without the trusty Land Rover

The impossible journey

They named it the impossible journey. In 1955, a group of six undergraduates from London set off to Singapore, which at the time was pretty much unexplored. They set off in two Land Rovers, fitted out with specially-made tyres for the occasion.

The journey took the cars and the explorers from London to France, then to Istanbul, followed by a short ferry to Asian shores. From there, they took the picturesque route taking Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

From there it was onto the old Ledo Road, which proved to be the biggest test – it was overgrown and the way ahead was constantly blocked fallen trees, which were so heavy they could not be moved so had to be chopped into smaller sections to be hauled away.

No matter what was in the way, the trusty Land Rovers ploughed through it - unlike the Jeeps of the police escorts, which victim to the forest landscape.

After 16,000 miles of driving through some of the toughest terrain on the planet, the two Land Rovers and their crew made it to Singapore, where they were greeted with champagne, photographers and journalists, all excited about the story.

The Land Rovers took it all in their stride. And when the celebrations were over, the cars ferried the explorers back to good old Blighty, via Calcutta.

If you’re looking to go on an adventure of your own, look no further than the Land Rovers of today. For more details, click here…

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