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Land Rover creates unique Defender alongside Paul Smith

On 20th March 2015, Sir Paul Smiths very own Land Rover Defender was revealed at his designer’s shop in London, UK. The well-known British designer had worked alongside the luxurious manufacturer to create his very own model of the Defender.

Sir Paul Smith is extremely happy with what the Land Rover Defender has to offer. Whilst adding his own personal touches to the model, he still remained true to the design retaining all of its traditional elements such as the wing mirrors, door handles and wheels. He comments, “The Defender is a British icon, which is something I’m exceptionally proud of,”

To achieve this project, Sir Paul Smith had worked in collaboration with Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations design team. Plus with the helping hand from Land Rover’s Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, Gerry McGovern, Paul was able to fulfil his vison entirely with his own specification. Working together, a unique version of the Defender was made.

Gerry McGovern added his opinion on the highly successful project, “I felt it would be a fitting tribute to the iconic Defender, that one of Britain’s most distinguished designers worked with the Land Rover team to recognise his creative vison”.

The Land Rover Defender has clearly proven to be the right choice for the impressive designer, the seven seat SUV has an ability to provide excellent practicality along with superb comfort especially when it comes to off-roading.

Fitted with an efficient 2.2 litre diesel engine, the defender is packed with a six-speed transmission that offers a solid and refined ride.  

To find out more about the Land Rover Defender, get in touch.

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