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Land Rover surprise New Zealanders with fully restored 1957 Series 1

The team over at Land Rover HQ have surprised a lucky group of four university friends from New Zealand, by secretly restoring their 1957 Series 1 Land Rover that they were forced to sell when all attempts to restore the vehicle had failed.

After owning the vehicle for 15 years, Will Radford, Jeremy Wells, Anthony Dawson and James Shatwell had to put their project to an end when they realised their restoration project was leading nowhere.

On the other hand, Land Rover was not going to accept this defeat without a fight. The team over in New Zealand had come across their story and felt that something needed to be done.

Land Rover New Zealand’s marketing manager, James Mckee comments, “When we came across the auction listing on the TradeMe website, we loved the story behind the classic vehicle.” They had contacted Will Radford’s wife and began a full restoration yet keeping the dents, dings and bumper stickers that were already included to achieve the 4X4’s full characteristics.

Land Rover had filmed the incredible restoration process, including the remake all the adventures that the Series 1 had experienced before it was returned to be an incredible surprise which has gathered up an impressive 300,000 views online. Something Land Rover will be benefiting from in the near future.

The global brand director of Land Rover, Robin Colgen had stated, “This is a remarkable story. Adventure is a core part of the Land Rover brand, so the opportunity to breathe new life into a Series 1 Land Rover to help these four spirited friends to keep exploring was something that we couldn’t turn down.”

What with it being the final year of production for the Land Rover Defender model, after this project, the Series 1 will be hard to forget.

Plus Land Rover have announced a selection of special editions of the Defender consisting of the Heritage, Autobiography and Adventure edition models. All set to be available in the UK near late spring. To find out more about the Land Rover Defender range, contact us today.

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