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Published Date: 12/08/2015

The inside of a Range Rover is designed to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Even as standard the Range Rover offers class-leading amounts of comfort, but just in case, there is plenty more you can add to make it even better.

Here are some additional options for your Range Rover…

Shadow Walnut Wood Finish

This finish option adds an extra bit of character to the cabin of the Range Rover. We really like the Shadow Walnut colour as it combines well with the Ebony dashboards and fits perfectly with the Range Rover’s off-road heritage.

Ebony/Cirrus with Cirrus Oxford Leather Seats

Although the all-black interior looks great, we really like the Ebony/Cirrus combination that is available. We especially like how the centre of the steering wheel is Cirrus (Grey) and the surrounding wheel is black, very stylish.

Heated Leather Steering Wheel

Whether you’re out walking the dog or carrying shopping on a winter’s day, your hands can get really cold and make it difficult to drive. With the heated steering wheel, this problem is eliminated and your hands will be warmed up quickly.

Customer Configurable Interior Mood Lighting

No matter what your mood, Range Rover can match it with its clever mood lighting system. The subtle effects can be seen throughout the cabin and comes in a range of colours to correspond with how you’re feeling.

Rear Seat Entertainment System

The rear seat entertainment system is designed to keep the passengers in the back occupied no matter how long the journey. Eight-inch screens are integrated into both rear headrests that allow easy viewing for all in the back.

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