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Published Date: 02/10/2015

Land Rovers are known to be capable of going on any adventure, no matter how extreme the conditions are. Since 1948, the manufacturer has ensured that their models are capable of going where other vehicles can’t.

As far as extreme sporting events go there are few more adventurous than the Extreme Sailing Series.

The extreme sailing series captures the spirit of adventure and shares the same values such as speed, strength and capability on the water as Land Rovers do on the roads.

Land Rover also offers the Above and Beyond Award which is presented to an individual, team or group after each Act and at the end of the Series. The Award goes to those who have shown examples of skill, strength and sportsmanship.

Although not competing in the event, Land Rover have their very own fully crewed catamaran which provides guests and customers with an opportunity to see the Extreme Sailing up close.

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