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Why winter is the best time to buy a convertible

With the nights closing in and temperatures plummeting, blasting along those narrow country lanes with the wind in your hair might be the last thing on your mind.

UK car sales generally peak twice during the year, once in March then again in September; perhaps unsurprisingly these are the same two months when the number plates change.

Research suggests that when demand for certain cars goes down, so do the prices – this means car buyers should certainly consider a convertible in winter when demand is lower.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a convertible is only useful in the summer months, but modern soft-tops can offer owners a comfortable, warm cabin when the roof is down.

Today’s fabric roofs are built to last and designed to put up with a lot of punishment meaning you can have peace of mind all year round.

Convertibles have come a long way over the last few decades and nowadays often come with folding metal hardtops meaning they are a great investment even during the winter months.

The cabriolet market is vast with almost every major car manufacturer offering a soft-top model – here at Land Rover we are not known for our convertibles but that could be about to change with the a Land Rover Evoque Cabriolet rumoured to be in the work.

Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet

Recently published spy shots taken by an Autocar reader purport to show a Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet conducting some underground testing – with a production seemly on the way.

The pictures clearly show a finished machine with the distinctive Evoque body complete with a black fabric soft top roof.

Rumours of a Range Rover convertible have been rumbling on for a number of years, especially since the 2012 Geneva Motor Show when the first concept model was unveiled.

Despite Range Rover Brand Director, John Edwards being keen on the idea there has been little in the way of news since although it thought the drop-top Evoque will feature the same equipment as the hard top version.

Of course soft tops are nothing new to the Land Rover brand with the Defender range being offered with a fabric roof for a number of years.

But a Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet would certainly take Land Rover soft-tops to new levels of comfort and style should it be released.

If the Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet was to be produced, it would almost certainly be in a class of its own – luxury SUV convertible are thin on the ground to say the least, meaning this Range Rover would really stand out from the crowd.

What Car? magazine has even added the Evoque Cabriolet to their nominations for its 2015 Reader Award, which invites readers to vote on which car, on sale next year ,they are most excited by.

We look forward to hearing more about this possible knockout drop-top in the near future – in the meantime if you are interested in any Land Rover vehicles – contact us today!

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