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Published Date: 02/05/2016

Land Rover Android Wear app

Only a few years ago, this was the kind of gadget that Q Branch gave to James Bond, but now Land Rover can offer a watch that controls your car...

Launched at the London Wearable Technology Show, the Android Wear app for smart watches introduces a string of connected car services to allow you to interact with your Land Rover even when you aren't anywhere near it.

The new Android Wear watch app allows customers to check their vehicle's fuel level or monitor its location from afar. You can also remotely lock and unlock the doors to let someone have access to it securely, without having to leave a key somewhere for them.

Other features include the ability to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, so you can chill or warm the car long before you get back into it and set off in the ideal temperature.

Compatible with any Jaguar Land Rover vehicle equipped with InControl Remote or InControl Protect, the smart watch app is part of the company's dedication to connected car technology and follows on from similar connectivity features made available for Apple devices.

With a robust and waterproof wristband, it's ideal for customers who regularly enjoy outdoor pursuits. The app even allows owners to deactivate the standard key and leave it locked securely in the vehicle rather than carrying it with them and running the risk of damaging or losing the key.

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