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Published Date: 10/02/2016

Final Defender Rolls off Production line

The Land Rover Defender has existed for over half of the time the automobile has, but now the last model has left the production line.

With the first Series 1 being sold at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show for £450, the Land Rover would snowball through the decades evolving into a symbol for versatility and dependability. Serving diligently in a wide variety of roles over its 68-year tenure, it would help save lives, feed us, power us and defend us.

Final Defender Rolls off Production line

18 years after the launch production of the Series 1 and 2 had got Land Rover to the half million mark. Fast forward to 2015 and the two millionth car sold for £400,000 at a Bonhams charity auction.

The final car to leave the production line is a Heritage 90 soft top, painted in the same Olive Green shade as the original HUE 166 Series 1 and thus the Land Rover tale ended as it began.

To celebrate the completion of the final car, Land Rover hosted over 700 employees, past and present who have been a part of bringing Land Rovers into the world to wave it down the line.

However, as one story ends, another begins. Land Rover at the completion of the final Defender announced a new Heritage Restoration Program based at the Solihull facility.

Experts including many long-term workers on the Defender will be restoring Land Rover Series vehicles from across the globe.

Keeping the classics running as well as celebrating the last of this iconic breed will be what keeps the love for these incredible machines alive. It’s a vehicle entwined in the consciousness of our nation, and it will be dearly missed. 

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