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Published Date: 26/02/2016

5JLR invests in connected corridor

Jaguar Land Rover has announced an innovative development in the budding field of connected and autonomous motoring.

The 41 mile “living laboratory”, will be oriented toward evaluating autonomous systems in real world driving conditions, to an end of developing a well rounded and human-like driverless experience.

5JLR invests in connected corridor

A range of different communication technologies will be developed including vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure. Roadside communications equipment is to be installed along routes around Coventry and Solihull for the duration of the three years of the project with up to 100 cars rigged up for testing, doing the route on a constant basis. This will allow an enormous amount of data to be collected and collated, with significant potential development and benefit from the research.

Traffic, weather and all manner of other updates would be available to the car instantaneously, updating in real time. Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control could advance conventional adaptive cruise controls by adding in communication between cars, as opposed to simply reacting to what is around you. A car slowing dramatically a few cars down a stream of fast moving traffic could instantly communicate the hazard to cars behind, making the group slow safer and more efficiently. Moreover, dramatic and more unnecessary slowing could be avoided all together.

Over the Horizon Warnings is a vision for warnings about road conditions normally broadcast via fixed overhead gantry positions, to be projected inside the cars. An interconnected road and car network will allow for a more seamless driving experience.

It’s an exciting new chapter for the UK motorist and motoring in general, and Jaguar Land Rover is proud to be a key pioneer in this area.

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