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Published Date: 31/03/2016

Range Rover Sport SVR Interior

Cars are a great tool to get you from A to B, but research from Land Rover and the Institute of Directors reveals that a car is also an important place to think and create too.

The research, led by Sir Cary Cooper, questioned over 900 global CEOs and showed that 84 per cent of business leaders believe their environment is important to enable creative thinking.

One in ten of those asked spend more than 25 per cent of their working week in their car, while 18 per cent said their best ideas came whilst in their cars.

Land Rover has a large market in the business executive sector, and with many of the materials and attributes of the interior of a Land Rover appealing to that area, such as a feeling of space, natural materials such as wood and leather, and a sense of comfort, they are perfect as a working space too.

Across the whole range of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles is a design ethos to have a superb finish, and a pleasurable driving atmosphere and experience from the early stages of development, with a spacious and stylish interior standard in models from both product ranges.

For those who work in their cars, creative and reflective thought is a key part of their journeys, with 40 per cent saying that they use their cars to relax during their commute, and a Land Rover is built to carry out this kind of task for the driver perfectly.

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