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Published Date: 29/04/2016

Richard Orlinski's Evoque sculpture

If you're heading to Courchevel this spring you'll find yourself encountering a Range Rover Evoque with a difference.

Renowned French sculptor Richard Orlinski has created an art installation using a full-sized Range Rover Evoque Convertible wireframe, made by Land Rover.

The installation marks the start of the 2016 BORN Awards, presented by Land Rover. The awards, in association with BORN, the leading alternative financing platform for lifestyle businesses and creative entrepreneurs, celebrate design and creativity. The winners for 2016 were:

Architecture Category: Marcelo Joulia for the "Stade des Lumieres" in Lyon
Art Category: Annina Roescheisen for her latest video installations
Creative Revolution Category: Jean-Claude Biver for the Tag Heuer Connected in cooperation with Google and Intel
Fashion Category: N&R Folding's for the futuristic bag "Distortion" with fashion house Issey Miyake
Home Design Category: Odo Fioravanti for his Dragon Fly Segis chair
Social Impact Category: Yann Borgstedt for his foundation Womanity which works to protect women and girls from gender-based violence
Sport & Leisure Category: Cristiano De Rosa and Paolo Pininfarina for their bike collaboration
Technology & Innovation Category: Tom Evans for his collection of parental wearable devices Bleep Bleeps
Yachting Category: Alessandro Vismara for the Vismara 62 Mills racer which won the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
Special Crowdfunding Category: Thomas Drischel for his chic accessory brand Robert Kerr
Special Distinctive Creativity Category: David Jones for his disruptive and creative way to revolutionize advertising with his agency You & Mr. Jones

Orlinski is best known for his giant sculptures depicting wild animals - a theme he calls the Born Wild Concept. These typically lend a bestial air to modern ideals, deanthropomorphising ideas like time and energy consumption, or playing on man's baser instincts.

The artist has a close connection with the automotive world. As a car enthusiast, collector and racer, he uses automotive materials and technique in creating his work.

The Evoque Convertible installation is suitably animalistic. Based around the wireframe models than Land Rover used to promote the Evoque Convertible ahead of its European launch, the piece features one of Orlinski's signature gorilla sculptures sitting in the driving seat. Reflecting the nature of the Evoque Convertible - a car born in the wild but civilised for the city - the installation will remain on site in Courchevel's snowy slopes for the duration of the ski season.

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