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Published Date: 01/02/2016

See winter differently with Land Rover Hibernot

Land Rover Hibernot

You could be forgiven for not enjoying winter in Britain. When it’s not dark it’s raining, when it’s not raining it’s cold and sometimes it’s all three at once. 

But at Land Rover, winter is something to be celebrated. With a Land Rover as your partner, you can enjoy the season and rather than hibernate, get out there and embrace everything that winter has to offer.

The Hibernot campaign is all about getting out in the winter and enjoying your perfect winter’s day. Whether it’s heading to a beauty spot, exploring cobbled back streets or enjoying the bright lights and colour of a big city, Hibernot’s aim is getting you to make the most of the 8 hours of daylight winter affords you.

Over the summer, Land Rover has been busy finding picturesque locations and exciting things to do until the clocks go forward again, and has assembled them to make an interactive winter activity map of the UK. Even with over 300 events, the list isn’t exhaustive and you might find your own things to do too.

Of course a Land Rover is the perfect car to enjoy winter. The luxury appointments on the inside keep the worst of the elements out, with heated seats or a heated steering wheel quickly bringing you back up to temperature if there’s a chill on. In addition to already legendary off-roading capability, the latest Land Rover and Range Rover models include Terrain Response and the amazing low speed All Terrain Progress Control cruise function, so you’ll never be beaten by low friction surfaces.

To keep up with the latest Hibernot adventures follow the #Hibernot hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and if you’ve been out on a winter expedition in your Land Rover, you can share your favourite pictures with the hashtag.

To see selected Land Rover Hibernot adventures near to you, click here:

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